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Opens a keyboard in Kalipso.

Action available for the following operating systems:



  • Windows Title <string> - The title of the open keyboard window.

  • Keyboard Type - The type of the opened keyboard.

Returned Value

  • Max. Length <numeric> - The maximum value of the input characters. Leave empty for no limit.

  • Password - Defines if the user wants to set a password for the keyboard. It can be one of:

    • 1. Yes

    • 2. No

  • Multiline - Defines if the user wants a keyboard with multilines or not. It can be one of:

    • 1. Yes

    • 2. No

  • Default Options - Defines if the user wants the default options of the keyboard enabled. It can be one of:

    • 1. Yes

    • 2. No


  • Width Ratio (%) <numeric> - The width ratio of the keyboard.

  • Height Ratio (%) <numeric> - The height ratio of the keyboard.


  • Target - The control or variable that saves the keyboard.

  • Set Focus on Control - Defines if the user wants to set focus on control or not. It can be one of:

    • 1. Yes

    • 2. No

The Keyboard Action is used to replace the default keyboard provided by the operating system. Although the Ok and Cancel buttons cannot be directly controlled, you can operate on the following logic:

  • When you press the OK the input can change its content.

  • When you press Cancel, the input never changes.

One way of recreating your behavior is:

  • Before the Keyboard Action save the input Content to a variable.

  • After the Keyboard compare the input to that variable, and proceed accordingly.

Set Focus Control is part of the Target Section of the Keyboard Action, by default it is automatically defined if the control is an input, however you can use that properties to select the Control that will be receiving the entries. This is useful for instance, when you want to use a Button to show a keyboard, and manually select the Control that will receive what's entered in the keyboard.

The target type is not changed by this action. For example if this Target is set to a string variable, and you choose the numeric Keyboard Type, the variable type will not be changed to String.

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